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complex decisions,
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collaborative decision matrix, MCDA, and grid analysis tool

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Decision Matrix-based concept evaluation platform 


Replace unstructured decision-making process with MCDA framework

Built with weighted decision matrix framework at its core, Rationalize allows you to leverage a proven approach to making complex decisions.


Generate buy-in by involving the stakeholders in the decision process

Bring your clients and teammates into your decision-making process by soliciting their opinion in a structured manner with grid analysis tool


Deliver results by taking advantage of all available expertise

Make better decisions and build better products by taking advantage of all the expertise available leveraging collaborative decision matrix approach


Confidently make decisions and stand behind them

Go an extra step and really understand the important decisions with built-in data and analytics features

Ready to start making better decisions using MCDA framework?

Collaborative concept evaluation and MCDA software for teams

Concept evaluation and decision-making software for design-engineering and new product development teams.

Design-engineering and new product development teams

Build better products by using a Pugh decision matrix to generate insight into how well product concepts satisfy the design requirements. Leverage Rationalize to solicit broad expertise and ensure you are building great products that customers want.

Concept evaluation and decision-making software for innovation teams.

Innovation teams

Find the best ideas by collaboratively evaluating and prioritizing the opportunities based a specific set of criteria. Ensure you are working on the right ideas by using an objective grid analysis process to rank and prioritize them.

Read about using grid analysis for idea evaluation

Concept evaluation and decision-making software for management consultants.

Management consultants

Generate stakeholder buy-in early in your projects by working together with your clients on important strategic decision. With Rationalize, consultants can solicit input from their clients using proven MCDA approach to decision-making.

Concept evaluation and decision-making software for strategy teams.

Strategy teams

Make better decisions by collaboratively evaluating strategic opportunities against constraints in the market with a decision matrix-based approach. Pursue the right opportunities after rationally evaluating your options.

Read our case study on strategic decision-making as a team

Concept evaluation and decision-making software for market research teams.

Market research teams

Leverage your customer insights by collaboratively vetting the product ideas against the needs within different market segments using our segmentation tools built on top of MCDA framework.

Let us know about your use-case

Other use cases?

Let us know what kind of decisions you want to use Rationalize for – we might build it for you. Reach out.

Start involving your teammates and other stakeholders into the decision-making process using collaborative grid analysis software

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About Rationalize.io

The initial version of Rationalize was built as an exercise in learning JavaScript. The first version of the app was quite simple with no backend or collaborative features. Since then, thanks to the efforts of multiple people, the who contributed their time writing code, generating ideas and having conversations with the end users the app has evolved to what it is today. If you are interested in contributing, feel free to reach out. Or find me on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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Want to collaborate?

I’d love to build out the application further, so if you are interested in collaboration, feel free to reach out. (especially, if you can code). If you are a user of the app, I would be interested in understanding your use-case and if there is any functionality that you want.

Dima Kalinchenko
Boulder, CO