Reducing uncertainty in decision-making

In these unpredictable and fast-changing times individuals and organizations have to make decisions within an unprecedented level of uncertainty. How will the aftermath of the pandemic and shift to the remote work affect Amazon’s decision to build the second headquarters in DC? If you are a commercial real estate company, what do you do withContinue reading “Reducing uncertainty in decision-making”

Frameworks for Idea Evaluation and Prioritization

There has been a lot written about how to “best” evaluate ideas in an innovation process. Practically every company working within or adjacent to the space of innovation has created some kind of framework they use to evaluate ideas. While it is not up to us to determine which particular framework works best, we canContinue reading “Frameworks for Idea Evaluation and Prioritization”

Using Grid Analysis for Idea Evaluation

Grid analysis (also known as Decision Matrix, Pugh Decision Matrix, Weighted Scorecard and others) is a framework for evaluating ideas and making decisions which uses a set of weighted criteria to rank the ideas. Each idea is evaluated against each criteria and assigned a score based on how well the idea satisfied that specific criteria.Continue reading “Using Grid Analysis for Idea Evaluation”